Feeding a Dog – The Good and Bad Foods You Need to Know About

Do you know what you’re putting into your dog’s dish every day? Here you’ll learn about some of the most important things to consider when feeding a dog.

Your dog is a cherished member of your family, so you need to give serious thought to feeding your dog the same quality of food that you would actually eat yourself and feed to your kids.

Feeding a dog the right foods with all of the nutritional value a dog requires to keep him or her in optimal health throughout life is a vital component in determining a dog’s behavior and is even instrumental in prolonging it’s life.

There are certain things that dogs just shouldn’t eat, some of which can make them very sick or even kill them. Eliminating the bad foods and selecting the best foods can be a real challenge, especially with all of the inconsistent information and blatant lies being circulated by pet food manufacturers and their agents.

We hope that providing you with enough valuable information, tips and suggestions on feeding a dog a nutritious diet will make those selections easier for you and the everyday routine of feeding a dog an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

There are now so many choices available when you shop for dog food it’s mind-boggling, so it’s perfectly understandable why finding the best ones to buy can be extremely confusing. Should you buy canned food, dry food or semi-moist food? Should you spend a lot of money for premium dog food, or is the cheapest brand okay? Should you buy holistic/organic dog food or should you even make your dog’s food yourself. What about the possibility of getting creative with the choices and feeding a dog some combination?

What we just mentioned is only a sample of the many questions and challenges you may encounter when deciding what you should be feeding a dog. If you’d like greater detail and, hopefully, some answers to those questions, stay with us through this article. Also, watch for additional articles, in the near future, where we’ll be providing you with much more detailed information on every aspect of providing a healthy and nutritious diet for your dog.

We are not attempting to tell you what the best food choices are for your dog, we are simply offering as much information as we can and listing various options so that you can make your own informed decisions on what foods will provide the highest level of nutrition for your dog. We realize dog nutrition can be a complex topic, so we’ll try to break it all down and simplify it for you as much as possible. russian store

Below, we list some important basics you should know if you feed any commercial dog food to your dog. We’ll get into greater detail about each of them on our website and blog and in the articles to follow.

So,what’s the most important thing?

Quality: You might think selecting a brand of dog food should be as easy as finding one that fits within your budget and one your dog likes. But you need to very careful; there are a great many brands on the market that are made almost entirely of filler and don’t have many of the nutrients dogs need. In addition, some of them contain toxic ingredients that can seriously harm your dog.

We realize convenience can be one of the biggest factors in feeding a dog commercial dog foods. If store bought dog food is the primary source of nutrition for your dog, it’s very important that it contain all the vitamins and minerals needed by your dog everyday for it’s optimal health and longevity.

The biggest difference in all dog foods is in their source of protein. Cheaper dog foods use the very least expensive sources of protein available, some of which will shock and utterly disgust you. Therefore, the quality of the protein in less expensive dog foods, like generic or grocery store labeled brands, is vastly inferior. Even some of the name brands use inferior ingredients…you really need to know what to look for.

There are so many disgusting “protein” ingredients that some commercial dog food manufacturers use, it’s not only repulsive, it’s outright criminal! Please be sure you know exactly “what” the protein consists of when you’re feeding a dog.

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