Hotel Room Workouts

Working out in your hotel room can be a liberating experience – no gym, no sweaty people (except you), and no ogling or nosey stares. Instead you can devote however much or little time you like to working out in privacy, with your own choice of music and air con setting.

To get an effective workout that matches the one you might do in the hotel gym, pick up to 5 bodyweight exercises to work your whole body. 분당풀싸롱

For the upper body, focus on push ups.
For the lower body, lunges, squats or step ups.
For the tummy / abs, try bicycle crunches, spider climbs, planks or mountain climbers.

These are just a small number of exercises you can choose. For more options, simply type ‘bodyweight exercises’ into Google. If you’re not sure how to do any of the exercises, simply Google them for instructions.

If you work quick enough, and you reduce the amount of rest between each exercise, you’ll get a cardio workout and test your fitness at the same time, without needing to rely on fancy gym equipment, that the hotel may or may not provide anyway.

In fact, you’ll get a better workout in your hotel room with no distractions than you would in the hotel gym, fighting for machines, waiting for space and being distracted by poor music or TV channel settings.

Hotel Room Workouts are flexible for your schedule, can be started on a whim, require little planning or preparation, and what’s more, you’re just a step away from your post-workout shower!

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