What’s With All the Secrecy and Trickery in Many E-Mini Trading Rooms?

If I am having a slow day I often will cruise a few e-mini trading rooms just to see what other individual traders are doing. Generally, these visitations occur when the market is in a very tight bracket and I am just plain bored. While I have not been in every one of the 600 rooms on the Internet at present, I have certainly noticed some similarities among some of the big ones.

Granted, the CFTC has played some fairly rigorous requirements (though these regulations seem to be lightly enforced) on just how trading rooms report profits and advertise their services. For this reason, many rooms currently do not make specific trades but issue general guidance when a high probability trade is developing. In general, I have been unimpressed with the trading rooms I have visited to date. There may be some great trading rooms out there and I have just not visited them yet. 주식재테크

I have a basic problem with trading rooms, in general. The fact of the matter is that they don’t teach you to trade. It is my opinion that the goal of every trader should be to acquire the skills to trade independently without fear or trepidation of making mistakes. A well-trained trader should be able to trade without a third-party making questionable trade calls. In a trade room where the lead trader makes all the calls, you are only as good as the lead trader calling trades. That is not a position for a winning trading experience.

I thought quite a bit about transparency in trading rooms. It seems to me, that trading rooms lack proper transparency when disclosing trades and trading methodology. This makes sense, since this closure of their trading methodology would render any trading room useless. If you understand how the trader is initiating trades, you really would not need him or her.

I think transparency is important; so I set out to remedy this situation in my trading room. I run a very small room and like to keep it that way as I allow everyone a microphone and the opportunity to question when, why, and how I am initiating a trade. In my opinion, a trading room is a great educational tool to learn to trade; it is not a great place for most people to make money.

Having heard all the complaints from past students about trading rooms I made the decision to trade live money with my DOM up. This is a bit of a risk, because the results of my trading are there for all to see. Thankfully, I have a very high winning percentage and this strategy has worked out well for me. I see it as a chance to show off my trading ability, not hide what I am doing and how I am finding high probability trades.

Oh, I should mention that I don’t win every trade and my losses appear on my DOM for all to see. Further, I have an occasional losing day and that information is there for all to see. It can be a bit embarrassing, but the transparency of the room is appreciated by all traders and I find them consoling me when I have made a trade that did not come to fruition.

My recommendation is to find a solid room where the lead trader is making trades that you can verify by the information provided. If a trader won’t show his or her trading results, there must be a reason. It’s up to you to find out that reason.

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